Oakland City is the eighth largest city in California located near San Francisco. It offers something for the people of all ages that’s why it is renowned to be one of the best tourist destinations in California.

Oakland City

A few of the most popular destinations in Oakland include the Paramount Theater, Oakland Zoo, Fox Theater, Chabot Space and Science Center, Lake Merrit, and many more. With all these great tourist fascinations, this lovely city attracts thousands of visitors all throughout the year.

Oakland has a Mayor-Council type of government since 1998. The duties and responsibilities of the City’s elected officials are established in the City Charter, which gives the legal structure for City government.

Oakland City is devoted to the distribution of useful, considerate and receptive services. There is fairness, respect, and dignity in the treatment of all citizens and employees. The Oakland community is known to follow a great pursuit of excellence through a workforce.

Joaquin Miller Park and Kensinton Metropark have Segway trails. Kensinton Metropark offers recreation facilities that cover a large piece of land and has a hill terrain appropriate for backpackers. You may also do biking on the trail. Other activities include enjoying picnics and renting boats.

On the other hand the Joaquin Miller Park is the best choice if you want to spend some time with nature. Environmental enthusiasts like this place so much because of its redwood trees. Its a far-flung place perfect if you wish to escape from the city. You can only see a few paved forest trails in this area.

Oakland is home to numerous major corporations such as Kaiser Permanente and Clorox, and the corporate headquarters for numerous countrywide businesses.

The City of Oakland that we knew for the past several years is not going to remain. At present, a large building boom tears through the city. The transformation is mainly stark in Oakland, where investors and developers start demanding to build after years of laying off the city as crime-ridden and very risky.

Oakland has allowed a confounding 9,710 new homes from 2016, more than twofold as many as during the previous nine years. However, the construction of these new residences, trendy neighborhoods for newcomers while valuing out old-timers is worsening the division among the city’s haves and have-nots.

In West Oakland, there is a specific development on vacant and underutilized commercial and industrial properties within the West Oakland community. New commercial and industrial enterprises were established which will provide plenty of jobs and services to the people of Oakland.

Oakland will add up 3,600 units of housing in the following years with some developers building multifamily facilities in downtown Oakland. Thousands more are included in the planning phases to come. Developers are chasing high-density housing projects, and many people wish to build high-rises and mid-rises with hundreds of units of housing in them.

Lately, an Eastline project is going on which is larger than the Salesforce Tower. This project aims to transform Oakland in a big way and the skyline will be altered forever.

You may be able to see a public parking garage, little commercial buildings, and a shuttered burger stand just two blocks north of Oakland’s 19th Street BART Station.

There is a project that went before Oakland’s Planning Commission last July 18 for its first most crucial vote. The City Council could approve the proposal possibly this year. It would connect two other office towers beneath construction in Oakland.

There are only a few development opportunities left on transit-oriented sites. Oakland eventually needs to evolve and become not just a bedroom community, but more like a multi-faceted vibrant metropolis. Competent authorities should maximize jobs and optimize the capability for people to live and work in the City peacefully and progressively.

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